About Us

Our Charter
We, the members of the Lake Side Buoys, subscribe to the following:
Our Mission: To participate in Victoria Highlanders games as true supporters. To facilitate and encourage the expression of support for the team by such methods as singing, chanting and displays of tifo. To advocate for the rights of all supporters in our home stadium and away.

Our Vision: The Bravehearts End is a place for standing, for making noise and showing our support for the players on the pitch as a part of the world-wide football supporters community.

Our Values: We value every supporter regardless of sex, race, religion, creed, nationality, sexual orientation, physical handicap or economic status.

Who Are we?
We are the part of the army of Bravehearts that support Victoria Highlanders FC from right behind the goal and make visiting keepers miserable. This area is called the Bravehearts End and anyone with a valid ticket for the game is welcome to join us for part or all of the game.

It is pronounced “Boys”  and is a parody of overly-serious supporters groups and yes, some of the loudest “buoys” are girls.

What Lake?
A long and possibly pointless story but here goes:

The Highlanders started out in Langford at Bear Mountain Stadium (not Bear Mountain Arena Mr Bus Driver!) at City Center Park. If you look behind the West-end goal, beyond the original Bravehearts End, past the flags, you will find a retaining pond that we decided one day was the lake for our summer home (the stadium). Something about having a lake-side view and no one quite knowing where the real Langford Lake was. Did I mention we had had a few pints?

Well, that was a kind of funny idea and so when we were looking for what to call ourselves we thought of the overly-serious fans like the Italian Ultras or the Glasgow Bhoys and even our neighbours in Vancouver in the Southside and somebody said "Lake Side Buoys" which is our way of taking the mickey out of ourselves, violent hooligans and Langford all at the same time.

Of course, now that we are (hopefully forever) @ Royal Athletic Park, it makes even less sense. But then, we are not in this to make a lot of sense. Have another pint and it will probably be funnier.

We are a member organization of the Independent Supporters Council of the United States and Canada. The ISC provides a place for organized supporters' groups for American and Canadian soccer teams to share information and work together to solve common problems.

While not a formal affiliation (except through the ISC),  LSB maintains good relations with the Timbers Army , Kitsap Pumas supporters and the Southsiders supporters groups.