Friday, July 13, 2012

Whitecaps Win Inuagural JdF Plate

The Vancouver Whitecaps U23s of the PDL have won the inaugural Juan de Fuca Plate, a supporter-created trophy for the top British Columbia team in the Pacific Northwest Division.

Inspired by such trophies as the Supporters Shield and the Cascadia Cup, supporters of the PDL sides in British Columbia looked on with a bit of envy when the creation of the Ruffneck Cup was announced for Washington State PDL clubs. Fans in Vancouver (Southsiders) and Victoria (Lake Side Buoys) led by Drew Shaw began to organize an effort to create our own trophy.

By the time of the deciding match last week Drew had managed to assemble a beautifully engraved silver plate, custom built wooden stand and decorative ribbons in all the eligible team colours. At the end of the match (which saw the winner decided in the last ten minutes of play) Drew, representing the Lake Side Buoys, and a rep from the Southsiders presented the plate to the winning team.

More information can be found on the official JdF website (including the origin of the geological pun of the name):