Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Lake Side Buoys Hold Annual General Meeting

Though the Lake Side Buoys has been a Victoria supporters' group since 2009, on Sunday the group had their first formal Annual General Meeting of the Board of Directors.

As a result of that meeting, a new board was elected and a set of objectives were put in place to complete for the remainder of 2018. Here is the new board (a lot like the old board):
Jason Armond

Ted Godwin
Vice President

Allison Armond
Secretary / Treasurer

Julian Anderson
Director of Communications

Drew Shaw
Director of Community Outreach

Blake McStravick
Tifo Coordinator

Ryan Arrowood
Game Day Experience Coordinator

Not pictured (because I forgot to take a picture) is Mike Schlodder, who will retain his position as Past President.

In addition to electing a board of directors, the attendees approved a few objectives for the remainder of 2018:

1. The Board of Directors shall draft and approve a charter, by-laws and / or articles as required.
2. The Board of Directors shall secure such banking devices as deemed appropriate and necessary.
3. The Board of Directors shall research and pursue incorporation and / or status as a non-profit society according to the definitions within British Columbia law.
4. The Board of Directors shall establish an official membership roll and define membership status along with all applicable dues, benefits and responsibilities. 

The Board of Directors will be meeting on a monthly basis to address these objectives. Reports from those meetings will be made available to the membership.

Interviews With the New Head Coach

On Monday, Pacific FC held a press conference at the Westhills Stadium, directly in front of the small settling pond that gave the Lake Side Buoys their name. During this conference, the new Head Coach of Pacific FC was introduced: Michael Silberbauer. His previous coaching gig was as an assistant at Swiss Super League club FC Luzern in 2016. He remained with the club through the 2018–19 Swiss Super League season.

You can catch the highlights of the conference and our interviews with Silberbauer and PFC President Josh Simpson here: