Friday, May 20, 2011

Home Opener is Upon Us

Tomorrow, Saturday May 21, is our home opener for 2011 and I know I am getting excited.

As usual the team has already played several games on the road with mixed results but one stunning achievement: we ended the Portland Timbers unbeaten run that saw them top the division last year and win the Premier Development League championship.
  • Remember to buy your ticket for the shuttle early and head over for the pre-match pint @ Garrick's Head. There will be a bunch of Southsiders coming from Vancouver so the bus may be fuller than usual.
  • Some black and gold flags are still available - $15 for 3'x5'. Those who reserved flags I will have them for you.
  • Our season 3 songbook (3.0) will be available. Not many changes but a couple of new ones to check out and maybe one or two more for version 3.1.
See you tomorrow!


Thursday, May 12, 2011

Goupon Offer for Home Opener

If you need a single game ticket(s) for the Home Opener from Groupon:
For $17, you get one ticket to the men's first team regular-season home opener vs. the Vancouver Whitecaps reserves on Saturday, May 21, at 7 p.m., plus an official Highlanders scarf (up to a $35 value).
 Great value with options as you can buy two. Take a friend and keep the scarf if you like or give it to them as a sign they are now a Braveheart. :)

And yes, these tickets will get you into the Bravehearts End where you can join the Lakeside Buoys for a song or two.