Friday, May 20, 2011

Home Opener is Upon Us

Tomorrow, Saturday May 21, is our home opener for 2011 and I know I am getting excited.

As usual the team has already played several games on the road with mixed results but one stunning achievement: we ended the Portland Timbers unbeaten run that saw them top the division last year and win the Premier Development League championship.
  • Remember to buy your ticket for the shuttle early and head over for the pre-match pint @ Garrick's Head. There will be a bunch of Southsiders coming from Vancouver so the bus may be fuller than usual.
  • Some black and gold flags are still available - $15 for 3'x5'. Those who reserved flags I will have them for you.
  • Our season 3 songbook (3.0) will be available. Not many changes but a couple of new ones to check out and maybe one or two more for version 3.1.
See you tomorrow!