Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Road Trip: Kitsap

Not a lot to be glad about so far this season at RAP so let's plan a road trip!

Respond to the FB Event if you are interested.

Proposed Itinerary for Kitsap v Victoria, Sunday June 24, 2012:

7:00 AM - Ted parks van in line-up @ Belleville St terminal and buys tickets
9:00 AM - Meet @ Belleville St terminal with passports for immigration clearance
10:30 AM - Ferry departs Victoria
12:30 AM - Leave Port Angeles (assuming short wait time to clear customs)
- travel time  to Bremerton is estimated @ 1.5 hours
2:00 PM - Kick-off @ Bremerton Memorial Stadium
4:00 PM - Return to Port Angeles
5:30 PM - Put car in line for 9:30 ferry as 5:20 sailing disappears over horizon
- find someplace to eat, drink and make merry for a couple of hours
8:30 PM - return to terminal
9:30 PM - Ferry departs Port Angeles
11:00 PM - Ferry arrives Victoria
This leaves little margin for error and we may actually miss the kick-off. There is a ferry that departs Victoria @ 6:10 AM if people are willing to leave early but we would have to be in line @ 5:10 AM. This would then give us time to maybe explore PA a bit and stop for lunch along the way.

Total travel cost per person:  cdn$45 based on a minimum of 4 in the van (less if we fill all 7 seats)
I will need the $$ in advance to purchase ferry tickets.
This does NOT include any food, beverages or stadium admissions.

We will NOT be in the US long enough for ANY duty-free exemptions.

ID requirements:
If you travel between Canada and the United States by water, you must present one of the following valid documents as part of the U.S. Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) requirements:

U.S and Canadian Citizens Only
*Valid Passport
*U.S. Passport Cards
*Trusted traveller cards (NEXUS, SENTRI or FAST cards)
*Enhanced Driver Licence
*Enhance identification card (for example: enhanced Tribal cards, if available)
*U.S. Permanent Resident Card (Green Card)
*U.S. Military Identification with military travel orders
*U.S. Merchant Mariner Document with official maritime business

For non U.S. or non Canadian citizens
*Valid Passport