Friday, June 8, 2012

Keep Cardiff Blue!

We will be having a bit of a display on Saturday in a show of solidarity with the loyal supporters of Cardiff FC.

Yes, as in Wales, United Kingdom.

You might be asking why, but then you probably remember some of the vitriol and anger when we lost the Highlanders women's team as it became Insert Corporate Sponsor Name Here Women's FC.

For many of us the whole point of supporting a football club is not to shovel money into rich owners pockets (and I am sure Alex can attest we have not done any such thing here!). A Cardiff Supporter summed it up when he wrote:
For me, supporting a football club has always been about identity, about belonging, about sharing ecstasy and depression in equal measure with like-minded companions.
- Losing my religion
So stand with us as we stand with them and maybe, just maybe somebody will get it.
Update: a pic from the match: