Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Vote for Deals!

With opening day a mere 45 days away there is plenty to keep supporters busy including committing your future to the Lake Side and elections to the inaugural Highlanders Supporters Board.


Lake Side Scarves

Your fearless leadership has worked hard to provide an opportunity for our merry band in the form of our very own LSB scarves! There are several ways to get your hands on these limited edition (unless we decide to make more) items.
  • Pre-order a scarf for the low low price of only $20.
  • Membership - pledge your undying loyalty and receive an official-looking membership card for your wallet and receive a scarf for only $20.
Either way, the sooner the better as the order must go in to the manufacturer by the end of the month (or sooner)  if we are to have them in hand for opening day.


Supporters Board Elections

The nominations are in and the first board of directors will be elected in the coming weeks. Voting information and candidate bios will be distributed possibly as early as next week.

When marking you ballots we ask that you support the following LSBs who have put their names forward to serve on this historic body:

  • Mike Schlodder
  • Julian Anderson
  • Ted Godwin