Monday, November 16, 2015

Off Season Antics: Canada v Honduras

So, a small contingent of LSBs ventured across the water to (Dirty) Vancouver to watch a World Cup qualifying match against Honduras. Yes, the same team that dumped us out of the qualifying tournament last time with an 8-1 drubbing in Honduras.

 Mike and Ted (pictured on the way to the ferry above) along with Jason were dropped off across from BC Place by Allison. Clearly she was the sane one as she sought more relaxing atmosphere than amongst 1,000 screaming Voyageurs for the evening.

After checking our bags we checked out our new favorite Vancouver steampunk taphouse, Central City Brew Pub and enjoyed some tastings and pints. Practically across from BC Place we will surely be back.

Then it was on to Doolins to meet up with the Voyageurs. We sang, we drank, we sang some more.
A new favourite which will easily adapt for Highlanders came courtesy of Rob from Saskatoon (I think?):
Oh me oh my (Excursion Around the Bay - Great Big Sea)

Oh me oh my,
I heard Honduras cry.
Oh me oh my,
I think we're gonna die.
Oh me oh my,
I heard Honduras say,
We never should have taken on the Maple Leaf today.

The march to the match was great and our little drum corps led the way; along Granville then taking over one lane of Robson until we neared BC Place where we sang and filled the block.

The game was fantastic. For a bit of the atmosphere you can check out some video taken from the stands by a fellow Voyageur (I think Rob again).  We met guys from Vancouver, Winnipeg, Saskatchewan and Ontario. We never stopped the nose for the lads and apparently they liked it so much they want to come back to Vancouver in March to play Mexico.

The game will be played on Good Friday (March 26, 2016). Anyone up for a road trip?