Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Pacific FC Kicks Off Supporter Week

PFC is taking this week to highlight some of their super fans, and they've started with the Lake Side Buoys own Steve Hemphill:

VANCOUVER ISLAND, BC – Pacific FC starts this week highlighting the amazing supporters who are so essential to the game. As Supporters Appreciation Week kicks off, three different stories will be told of supporters and their unique journeys with the Canadian Premier League (CPL).

We start the week off focusing on the incredible story of Steve Hemphill, an avid supporter in the inaugural season of the Canadian League. Hemphill, born in Glasgow, Scotland, began his soccer journey a few days before his family’s team, Celtic, were the first British team to win the European Championship. 
Fast forward to 2014 Hemphill was helping lead his son’s team, Saanich Fusion, to win Provincials. As Pacific FC began in 2018, Hemphill joined one of the supporters groups, The Lake Side Buoys. 
With some free time on his hands, Steve decided to plan a 7,000 km road trip on his motorbike across Canada coinciding with the inaugural season of the CPL.
“As well as enjoying the soccer,” explained Hemphill, “the sheer vast size of this incredible country was something to experience.  You don’t get the same sense flying over in a jet.”
Hemphill had the opportunity to experience games in Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, York, Hamilton and Halifax.
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