Wednesday, June 23, 2021

PFC CPL Kick Off Pride Fundraiser 2021

Hello all Lake Side Buoys and fans of Pacific FC! 

Supporter's Groups across the CanPL have planned a friendly fundraising competition using the Prideraiser platform for the initial Kickoff bubble.  So, you're not just making a donation, you're helping us raise more money than those other groups! 

We are proud to announce that we will be raising funds this year for the Victoria Pride Society!  They are a non-profit, volunteer-based organization that is dedicated to supporting Greater Victoria's LGBTQ2+ communities.  They're most well known for organizing the annual Victoria Pride Festival & Parade, which has been hampered by the recent global pandemic. Nonetheless, they offer year-round programming and a vast directory of queer-owned businesses and resources.   

You can find our Lake Side Buoys Fundraiser by clicking here!

We would love our members to pledge any one-time amount during this campaign, but why not make it interesting? The platform has been easily set up to accept a pledge for each goal scored across the 8 games of the CPL's Kickoff in Winnipeg.  We ask that you make a pledge of a minimum $1/goal, but would greatly encourage $5/goal.   For example, Pacific FC scored 16 goals across the 10 games played at the 2020 Island Games.

Please be as charitable as you can! Thank you for helping us raise money for the VPS and showing how much the Lake Side Buoys care about our community!

- Fitz