Friday, October 7, 2022

 Hello Lake Side Buoys Members!

This short note is intended to inform those of you that we have two important General Membership meetings on the horizon.

The first, a Special General Meeting, will take place at NOON on Saturday, October 8, 2022 online via Discord. The main business of this meeting will be to outline the roles and responsibilities of a new Board Officer Position of Ombudsperson. This position was first proposed at last year’s Annual General Meeting on December 11, 2021, and was outlined in terms of responsibilities over the following months as described below:

Ombudsperson (Officer position)

• Independent, non-voting board member;

• Provides the General Membership with fiscal and administrative oversight of the Executive Board’s activities;

• Provides counsel to the Executive Board on matters of member discipline, conflict of interest and other complex member issues;

• Represents the interests of the General Membership and individual members to the Executive Board through advocacy and consultation.

• Ombudsperson handles complex member concerns while offering to maintain anonymity for the complainant unless specified otherwise by a complainant

- The anonymity offered by the use of pseudonyms and discretionary use of identifying

factors by ombudsperson in communications with board business related to any complaint

- Anonymity cannot be guaranteed to be maintained. Others may have witnessed potential

events or could use relevant context clues to decipher the complainant. This is beyond the

board’s control.

- In rare cases, when deemed necessary by the ombudsperson, anonymity concerning a

complaint cannot be maintained with the board to best understand the concern at hand.

The second, our Annual General Meeting/Winter Gathering, will take place on Sunday, December 11 at NOON, tentatively scheduled to take place at Dallas and Ryan’s complex. More details will be provided as we near the date, but you may wish to pencil it in now.

Finally, as we near the end of the Regular season, please remember to share your voices with us at our next home game on September 30: if you have orange scarves/shirts, it would be a great thing to wear them. Also, if you have any Membership dues to pay ($5 per year), please consider getting that to Greg or Mike so we can update our List. The money is essential for our yearly planning, which takes place to a large extent over the winter months.

Wishing you all a beautiful Fall season.

Greg Henkelman

Secretary/Treasurer, Lake Side Buoys