Monday, June 27, 2011

Six Points and what's next

Its was a spectacular 6-point weekend as the lads overcame two opponents in as many days which earned them second place in the division standings. Kitsap, with 2 games in hand and a five-point lead look like a good bet for first in the division but the Highlanders, with only one away game left would appear to have a great shot at our first taste of the PDL playoffs.

The last remaining away game is this Friday, Canada Day, in Richmond @ Minoru Park. With kick-off @ 4:00 pm it looks to be an easy day-trip. We will be finalizing plans on Wednesday but according to the transit site we can take city buses from Tswassen to the park in app 45 minutes with only one transfer.

The annual Highlanders - United charity match is on for this Wednesday evening. A mid-week friendly is a tough sell but a worthwhile cause and a club with  along local history and many connections to the Highlanders past and present.