Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Stand Up for Fans Everywhere

 [A reminder that the following is the opinion of one man and may or may not reflect the views of the Lake Side Buoys as a group.]

On the same day we were enjoying a 4-0 thumping of Redmond (home of Micro-softies!) fans in Boston were being arrested for supporting their team.

New England Revolution was playing Chicago Fire and the Fort (supporters section) was doing their usual repertoire when they were confronted by the largest number of stadium security ever seen in the 15 years they have been in the league. In the course of the second half of the game, according to The Drug is Football,  "10-12 supporters were arrested and at least 20 banning orders have been issued."

The reason?

When opposing keepers take goal kicks the Fort shouts "You suck asshole!"

Yep, even though neither the team, nor the stadium made any attempt to communicate with the supporters groups on this issue people were handcuffed and arrested. Even though other hateful chants were heard from other parts of the stadium and ignored those people most dedicated to the team were treated worse than hockey fans celebrating their teams Stanley Cup win.

TDIF continued:
... some people are seeing the reaction of the supporters as complaining about not being allowed to swear, this is absolutely not the case.  The reaction of the supporters is to the heavy handed tactics used by TeamOps, Foxborough Police Department and the complicity with these actions from the Revolution's Front Office as well as the inconsistency of rule enforcement.
This is an issue we have obviously had to deal with here and the Highlanders FO has worked with us to make the Bravehearts End the rowdy, adult-oriented and OPEN place we all love. So let me again say thank you to Alex, Drew, Julie and the rest of the FO who may not agree with us al the time but are willing to listen and work with us.

As written on the TDIF site:
This team is at a crossroads, will you go for the 18-35 demographic that has driven the passion of the teams who are now in "MLS 2.0" and even stepping into "MLS 3.0" or will you continue on with the youth soccer crowd and continue to be left in the dust.
Luckily for us, our team seems to get that the future of a successful soccer club depends on adults. Children may be the future, but only because they grow up.