Friday, July 13, 2018

The Supporters' Choice Player of the Year

A Brief History

2018 LSB Supporters' Choice Player of the Year Award

Every year since 2013, the Lake Side Buoys have presented the Supporters' Choice Player of the Year Award to a deserving Victoria Highlanders FC player based on their performance throughout the season, chosen by the fans. Our next presentation of this award will happen after the Highlanders' final home game of the season on Saturday, July 14th, 2018.

Here's a look back at the previous winners:

2013 - Brett Levis

Brett Levis was an outstanding player for the Victoria Highlanders in the 2013 season, and is currently a starter for the Vancouver Whitecaps FC.

2014 - Blair Sturrock

Everyone's favorite Jedi, Blair Sturrock has been a consistent cornerstone of the Victoria Highlanders and is one of two previous Player of the Year Award winners to be eligible to win it again in 2018.

2015 - Ryan Ashlee

The Highlanders may have been slumming it in the Pacific Coast Soccer League in 2015, but that didn't stop them from keeping top shelf talent like Ryan Ashlee, who had also played in the 2014 season.

2016 - Callum Montgomery

Callum Montgomery is also in the running for the 2018 Player of the Year Award, leading the Victoria Highlanders as their captain.

2017 - Sho Goto

In addition to winning the Player of the Year Award, Sho Goto was also on the PDL All-Western Conference Best 11 and one of the top goal scorers in the division. He is currently playing for the Napier City Rovers of New Zealand.

So who is eligible for 2018?

The only criteria for winning the Lake Side Buoys Supporters' Choice Player of the Year Award is to be on the team roster and have at least 1 minute played during the regular season. To determine a winner, ballots are cast at the final home game of the season. In case of a tie, the winner is chosen by the Lake Side Buoys executive board.

To cast your ballot, just head over to the Supporters Section and we'll provide one for you, one ballot per person. Or, you could see us before the game at our parking-lot tailgate.

Here is a complete list of eligible players in 2018: