Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Holiday Pints (and some business)

Over on the Facebook we posted an event for this Saturday: our third annual Christmas Pints at the Bard & Banker. Come join us for a seasonal get together as we remember the highs and lows of the past season and look forward to a glorious new year.
Time: 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Date: Saturday Dec 3rd, 2011

Besides enjoying some seasonal cheer, fine food and fortifying beverages we will be doing a bit of business which should not cut too deeply into drinking time.

Agenda - Annual General Meeting, 2011
  1. Election of Officers
  2. Proposed Resolutions
    1. Be it resolved that the following be adopted as our Charter:
      We, the members of the Lake Side Buoys, subscribe to the following:
      Our Mission
      To participate in Victoria Highlanders games as true supporters. To facilitate and encourage the expression of support for the team by such methods as singing, chanting and displays of tifo. To advocate for the rights of all supporters in our home stadium and away.

      Our Vision
      The Bravehearts End is a place for standing, for making noise and showing our support for the players on the pitch as a part of the world-wide football supporters community.

      Our Values
      We value every supporter regardless of sex, race, religion, creed, nationality, sexual orientation, physical handicap or economic status.
    2. Be it resolved that the Lake Side Buoys endorse and ratify the Charter and Supporters' Bill of Rights of the Independent Supporters Council of the United States and Canada and seek admission to the same and do appoint as our representative thereto our duly elected president ex-officio or his delegate.
    3. Be it resolved that the Lake Side Buoys endorse a candidate or candidates for the new Highlanders Executive Board.
  3. For Discussion: Whether an independent supporters' trust/not-for-profit association, meant for all 1,500 Highlanders' supporter-owners, should be formed; if supporters (rather than the club) should take the initiative to establish such an entity; and what role (if any) the Lake Side Buoys should potentially play in its creation. 

ISC Charter and Supporters' Bill of Rights

1. Statement of Purpose
The Supporters' Council exists to:

  1. Advocate for the fair treatment of home and away supporters;
  2. Promote the expression of supporter culture throughout the United States and Canada;
  3. Allow supporters' groups to share information and resources for the advancement of supporter culture; and
  4. Oppose racism and bias in all forms, whether from supporters or from team management.

2. Supporters' Bill of Rights
The Supporters' Council will work to ensure the rights of all home and away supporters at any stadium in the United States and Canada to:

  1. A place in each stadium for home and away supporters to stand, sing, and cheer;
  2. The use of all safe, legal methods of showing support, including flags, banners, drums, instruments, and legal pyrotechnics;
  3. Clear and consistent written guidelines for home and away supporters;
  4. Minimum league standards for the accommodation of away supporters;
  5. Security personnel with an understanding of and training in supporter culture; and
  6. Consistent, fair, race-neutral, evenhanded and evidence-based enforcement of stadium rules and regulations.

3. Council Members and Delegates

  1. The Supporters' Council has no budget and acts entirely through its member Supporters' Groups and volunteers.
  2. Decisions of the Supporters' Council are not binding on individual Supporters' Groups.
  3. Each Supporters' Group that is a member of the Council is entitled to a single vote on matters brought before the Council.
  4. Each Supporters' Group that has been approved for membership has the right to appoint a delegate or delegates to the Council.
  5. Each delegate is entitled to participate in discussion and bring motions before the Council in accordance with procedures established by the Council.
  6. Membership in the Independent Supporters' Council is open to organized supporters' groups following any soccer team playing in the United States or Canada or in one of those countries' leagues.
  7. The Council will maintain a list of groups eligible to ratify this Charter and participate in the Council, which may be added to by vote of the Council.