Monday, December 5, 2011

Notes from the AGM

Besides enjoying some tasty seasonal ales and good food we did a bit of business @ the Bard & Banker on Saturday. Thanks to all who were able to show up and endure far more business than was reasonable including adopting a charter, joining the ISC and giving our blessing to the formation of a supporters trust.

Formal minutes are available thanks to Brett but a quick summary is below the cut.

We have adopted a charter stating who we are which can now be found on the About Us page.

We decided to make membership in the LSB a little more official. Going forward we will ask all new and returning members to fill in a membership form and charge a membership fee (by donation) which will be used for tifo like streamers, signs and whatever else we can dream up/afford. Brett has hooked us up with a reasonable price for snazzy membership cards which will be available before next season starts.

Independent Supporters Council of the United States and Canada 
This organization is made up of supporters groups from all over the US and Canada from MLS clubs to PDL and we have now applied to be members. Brett from the Southsiders attended their recent meeting in conjunction with the MLS Cup final and we look forward to working with other groups to promote supporter culture in North America. Our representative on the council will be El Presidente or an appointed alternate.

Victoria Independent Supporters Trust Associated
Alex Campbell has taken the bold step of offering up some of his ownership stake to regular supporters. We endorsed the idea of a supporters trust as a model for the organization of the "supporter's share". The proposed Victoria Independent Supporters Trust Associated (VISTA) would be a separate organization from the LSB for although the purposes of the two are aligned they are not identical. The LSB would never presume to represent all season ticket holders, nor would we be prepared to undertake the huge task facing VISTA.